Initial State:

You can set the initial state of the application through url query parameters. The supported query parameters are:

  • users: Number of users. Up to 10. Default 10
  • glucagon: Glucagon state. True of False. Default False.
  • carbs: Carb state. Index of carb state ['hidden', 'announcement', 'full']. Default 0 i.e. hidden.
  • speed: Update speed. In milliseconds 100-10,000. Default 1000 ms.
  • fullscreen: Set detail to profile view. Default false.

example /list?users=4&glucagon=true& carbs=1.


  • a: Toggle alert.
  • f: Toggle detail to profile view.
  • esc: Close overlay.
  • g: Toggle Glucagon state.
  • c: Toggle Carb State: ['`hidden', 'announcement', 'full'].
  • h: Toggle usage.
  • l: Randomize signal pump and battery levels.
  • 1: 100 ms update speed.
  • 2: 500 ms update speed.
  • 3: 1 s update speed.
  • 4: 3 s update speed.


  • User profile sections are dragabble.
  • Resize the window horizontally up and down.
  • (CMD+ -) and (CMD+ +) to zoom in and out to show how the site handles big screens.
Shortcuts. Press h.